Home from College!

Our daughter came home from college with all of her ‘stuff’, including some great pizza recipes. This kid loves to cook; she told us about making dinners with her housemates and feeling comfortable bringing spices and sauces into the kitchen because of what she’d learned about making pizza: give it a try, it probably won’t be bad.  Do you have any left-over chicken patties from last night’s dinner?  Or extra sausages from the BBQ grill?  How about that small bowl of steamed vegetables that didn’t get eaten up (surprise, surprise)?  They’ll all crisp up nicely on top of your flat-bread or pizza dough base.  You can also try different kinds of cheese toppings; we found that a bacon-flavored cheese, or pepper-Jack add some zing and zazzle to a pizza and make for exciting, different taste sensations for your guests and family.  Experiment and try a few different tastes, and send us your photos!!

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Pizza time!

…. and yes, you know you want more turkey! Save the sandwich for later, it’s time to make Pizza!  Let the dough rest and stretch while your turkey left-overs shift to room temperature too.  Once the dough is stretched out on the parchment, spread out some olive oil for flavor and then layer with shredded parmesan cheese, sauce, green olives and pulled turkey meat.  We like to use little bits of meat that have been pulled apart and dunked in the gravy (but make sure you shake out the extra juice before you place them onto the pie).  Sprinkle with a Fontina or mozzarella cheese and transfer into the oven; bake for 15 minutes at 475 degrees F, for a delicious Turkey-left-over pie!

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Pizza again?! Sure, why not!

I can honestly say I never get bored with making or eating Gourmet Pizza. After Thanksgiving we wanted to make leftovers that we’d never had before, something more than a sandwich. With lots of people milling around the house, Turkey Pizza seemed an obvious choice, with the one qualification: how to distribute the Turkey evenly over the pie? Keep your food processor handy!  Cut up and collect enough dark meat for 3/4+ cups, then pulse it with two teaspoons of herbs and spices. We made one batch with Jamaican Jerk Herbs and one batch with Chinese 5 Spices (we had a total of 2 C of meat). Braise the Jerk Turkey loosely and after washing the pan to keep the two flavors separated, braise the Chinese meatballs.  With chopped Garlic, a touch of Tomato Sauce and Shredded Cheeses on top of the pies, we used the loose Ground Jerk Turkey on one pie and the Chinese 5 Spices on the other.  Once served, we found yellow peppers on the Jerk pie and Snow Peas on the Chinese 5 Spices! Our kids took over while we worked on the thanksgiving puzzle and caught glimpses of the Wizard of Oz; they Improvised with the flavors and the outcome was delicious.  It’s great to watch your children cook food and serve it up with pride, even better when it’s during a long weekend filled with family fun and thankfulness.


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Garlic Knot Snacks!

Alex made Garlic Knots last night; go Alex!  We went out to a concert and were greeted upon our return with hot and toasty, just-from-the-oven Garlic Knots, waiting for our return, yum-yum!  (The fringe benefits of {older} teenagers knowing how to bake!)

Here’s what she did:
She started by preheating the oven to 450 degrees and got to preparing her topping.

The topping can be made with any of the ingredients here and can be as simple as using only the first four, or a combination. The basics are: extra virgin olive oil, diced garlic, pepper and salt. Then you could add cracked red pepper, oregano, sage, rosemary or tarragon to the olive oil + garlic.  You could cube mozzarella cheese or make small bits of Asiago cheese and mix them into the oil too.  Alex used rosemary and added a sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese on top for an extra rich, crispy flavor.

Here’s how you do it:
In a medium bowl add about 1 C of  olive oil, then dice a whole head of garlic (at least 4 tablespoons, don’t be shy!), and add to the olive oil, then sprinkle in salt and black pepper. Now add whichever of the herbs and/or spices you choose and mix this up making sure to crush the herbs against the side of the bowl with the back of your spoon to open their flavors.

Then Alex opened the plastic bag of relaxed pizza dough and gripped a piece of it and pulled up on it until she had a strand long enough to make a Knot (about 5-6″).  She then dipped the dough strand into the bowl of prepared Olive Oil Topping, twisted the dough into a knot, and placed one knot every 2″ or so on a baking pan lined with onto a parchment paper on a baking sheet. (Parchment paper: the essential kitchen tool!) Bake for up to 10 minutes, checking after 5 minutes and removing when golden brown.

These made the perfect late night snack and are easy to prepare in advance in large quantities for parties or picnics. Add a bowl of marinara sauce for dipping and you’ll blush when everyone tells you these are their new favorites.

Happy snackin’!

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Kitchen Tools Rule!

Good kitchen tools are worth their weight in gold!  How often do we make the mistake of skimping when it comes to buying kitchen tools, without realizing how grave the mistake?  Food nourishes our bodies, and even if we’re eating pizza during the NFL play-offs….. the better the quality of the ingredients and the quality of the tools used to assemble them…. well, the stronger and more interesting taste-sensations you’ll have, and just a much better overall eating experience.  We think of Gourmet Pizza Made Easy as a kitchen tools set for people starting out in a new home or perhaps, starting out cooking for themselves after never really learning how before.  The instructions in the recipe book should answer all of  your questions and curiosities, but if not, please feel free to drop us a line here.

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Making pizza at home is a relaxation art!

The reason I love this kit –and the driving force that made it clear to us that we had to bring it together– is because it came out of our personal experiences which so positively influenced our lives. We’ve been going to Holiday Craft fairs around the tri-state area showing everyone how Gourmet Pizza Made Easy makes a terrific holiday gift, and talking with people about its genesis. Making pizza at home has been part of many special dinners for us as a couple and later, as a family… and it’s been heart-warming to share these memories and connect with people over good home-cooking.

Kneading bread is elemental, even when you pick up dough at your local pizzeria (as I often do).  The rolling cutter will help you turn a large dough into three (relatively even-sized) pieces; set the two olive-oiled pieces aside on a plate for pies 2 and 3. Using your finger-tips, spread the 1st dough out –on parchment paper sprinkled with corn meal of course–  and if you like, use a rolling-pin to help make the shape rounder or longer, whichever you prefer.  Making pizza is personal and making pizza at home is a relaxation art!  You take charge of your ingredients, create a variety of food combinations, touch your food and get warm and toasty with your loved ones, be they best friends over for game night or helping the kids with math, …and when they figure out how many 1/2 cups go into one cup, well, that’s tasty, satisfying, and serves so many purposes at once!

Lately I’ve been getting photos of pizzas made with the Gourmet Pizza Made Easy; here is one I got from my friend Benan, it looks delicious!

This was the very first pie they made and now I hear these friends have a sunday-night ‘tradition’…… if two Sundays is long enough to be called a tradition!

Don’t be shy, and enjoy!

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Making Pizza at home!

It is such a pleasure to warm up the kitchen, take out your kitchen tools, and create a meal with family and friends in our home, be it for holiday, an evening in, or to have little card-game snacks. Home-made pizza always brings smiles to faces when we’re at home. This week we added artichoke-parmesan spread and garlic-fig tapanade to our toppings options, as well as different kinds of pitted olives, always lots of fresh garlic, and numerous cheeses.


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Pizza Recipes New for Fall 2011

The GOURMET PIZZA MADE EASY boxed set is back in stock! Find it in stock at B&N/Borders stores, and you can buy it on-line on AtlasBooks.com. With the beautiful, high-quality materials in this boxed set and a cookbook full of original pizza-making recipes, I’m sure you’ll love what you find inside. It’s on sale at B&N/Borders now, or just touch the ‘Buy Now’ button to have it delivered to you.

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Hello Pizza Lovers!


My name is Alex and I’m one of the new admins here. Please feel free to ask any questions about our Pizza gifts and Pizza recipes and I’ll get back to you. SEE YA!  -alex matsu

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Everyone Loves Pizza! Make your own at home!

Gourmet Pizza Made Easy has all the tools you need to make delicious pizza at home, in minutes. Our Pizza cookbook has over 20 original recipes with step-by-step “how to” instructions to build a perfect pizza for family, guests, or for a delicious midnight snack!
The stone provides even heat and creates a crunchy crust. The customized bamboo paddle transfers the dough to the oven and brings your finished pizza pie to the table, and has a latch-release on the handle for easy storage. The rolling cutter helps you serve up individual slices of tasty delicious pizza as good as your local pizza parlor!Pizza is loved all over the world. Full of nutrition, easy to customize, and enjoyed year-round by almost every culture on Earth, pizza is a family favorite in many homes. Even if you barely know your sun-dried tomatoes from your roasted peppers with Gourmet Pizza Made Easy you will learn to make your own melt-in-your-mouth gourmet pizza pie in minutes. After a making a few practice pies under your belt you’ll be making pizza for dinner, with your friends on big game night (or for that afore-mentioned mid-night snack), in no time at all!

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